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2017-09-27 InfoInternational Cooperation

Americans with Disabilities Act tour 2017

From July 22nd to 29th 2017, the Japan Council of Independent Living organized a tour to directly experience the disability movement in the U.S. and meet front runners who have been working for the rights of persons with disabilities from all over the world. 89 people, including 40 youth members (under 40 years-old), joined the tour, called “American with Disability Act tour (ADA tour)”from Japan. Besides our participation, leaders with disabilities from over 20 countries got together in Washington D.C., U.S.A. Four staff members from DPI-Japan (Satoshi Sato, Keiichiro Tamaru, Seiichiro Shirai, Daisuke Kasayanagi) joined a tour and attended the Global Independent Living Summit and the Annual Conference of the National…

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2017-07-31 Statement

Statement of Not Dead Yet USA on the 1st Anniversary of the Sagamihara Murders

One year ago, 19 disabled people were brutally stabbed to death by a young man who justified his murderous attack by saying disabled people “live like animals, not humans” and that “it’s better that disabled disappear.” As we mourn, it would be wrong to dismiss this young murderer as uniquely “disturbed” or even “a monster.” Rather, his actions were simply the most extreme expression of the dehumanization, hatred and revulsion of disabled people still embedded in countless countries and cultures across the world. Disabled people are still often forced into crowded and unsanitary living conditions, barred from participation in society, and even killed. The killing of disabled people most often…

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2016-07-27 Statement

Statement to Protest Knife Killing of People with Disabilities in Sagamihara, JAPAN

Tokyo, July 27, 2016 Statement to Protest Knife Killing of People with Disabilities in Sagamihara, JAPAN Midori Hirano Chairperson, DPI-JAPAN We, DPI-JAPAN, work with cross disability populations to advocate for society where people with and without disabilities can live equally. DPI-JAPAN is the organization of people with disabilities and has 91 affiliates across Japan. The tragedy of knife killing occurred on July 26, 2016 at institution for persons with disabilities in Sagamihara city. We express our deepest condolence to the victims who lost their lives and sympathy to those who were injured. Many details were still unclear till further investigation. However, some media reported that the suspect entered the institution…

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2015-06-15 Life with Dignity

Death with Dignity and Persons with Disabilities

Shoji Nakanishi (Board Member, DPI-Japan) Current Circumstances There have been some actions taken to legalize “death with dignity”, which is based on the individual’s own decision to refuse life prolonging treatment. A non-partisan parliamentary alliance would submit a Bill to Respect Individual Will Concerning Medical Care in the Terminal Phase (the Bill on Death with Dignity) to the Diet. In accordance with this bill, if a patient has refused life-prolonging treatments, the assigned doctor cannot be held responsible for that patient’s death. If passed and enacted, the bill would also widely affect rescue and life-saving activities. There appears to be strong support for this bill. The organization lobbying for this…

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2015-01-14 UNCRPD

Expectations of the Second Commission on Policy for Persons with Disabilities

Secretariat-General of DPI Japan Mr. Satoshi Sato The Commission on Policy for Persons with Disabilities, which had been adjourned since this April, resumed on September 1st, marking it as the 13th meeting. The immediate issue facing the Commission will be the development of the basic guidelines for the Act to Eliminate Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities. The new members and the schedule are as follows: Major Change of Members There was a significant change in members. Among the 30 original members from the first commission, only 14 members now remain. In terms of organizations, 12 out of the 13 organizations that make up the Japan Disability Forum (JDF) were initially…

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